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Span International’s methodology is focused on integrating offshore software development services seamlessly with the customer's workflow to deliver high-quality software within deadlines. Span International uses its thousands of man months of development experience and proven industry practices and tools to ensure that every project is totally transparent, efficient and has predictable results.
  The main emphases are made on:  
Easy Start-Up. Offshore software development outsourcing model is a new way of doing business. Here Span International’ approach is to make it happen easily and keep it running smoothly through the whole project lifecycle.
Software Quality. Apart from the general business standards, there are three main factors specific to software development industry, which influence the overall project success.
Contractual Guarantees. Flexible contractual models ensure that software outsourcing project is delivered on time and on budget, while meeting the highest quality requirements.

We understand that in many aspects the offshore software development outsourcing model means a new business practice for the customer, full of hidden and explicit risks. So if you have any questions about how your project can be implemented by an offshore team, what challenges and opportunities it might bring for your business, please feel free to contact us.

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