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We have a successful record of satisfied clients over the past 15 years

We customize SPAN Management Solutions (MIS) and MSDS Management Solutions to suit individual clients requirements. We address all phases of development; design, integration, implementation, testing, and knowledge transfer. Additionally, we provide support on the customer site from our offices through terminal server. Each project is individually understood and customized solutions are provided accordingly.

Environment, Health and Safety First !!

Custom MSDS Management Solutions:

MSDS Management:
We provide cost effective MSDS Management Solutions to our clients. The solutions are tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements. Based on the client's requirement the solutions can be either Desktop or Web Based. The solutions are developed using VB.NET/ SQL Server, PHP/MYSQL and Java Technologies.

MSDS Transcription:
We also provide cost effective and high quality MSDS transcription services to our clients. We provide on-time transcription services so that our clients can meet their deadlines. On an average we transcribe about 750-1000 MSDS's per day and have the capability to enhance this capacity.

MSDS QC Control:
We have a proficient team of dedicated professionals which provide a 99.99% QA on all MSDS data. The data is checked twice to ensure that quality is of a mutually agreed level. We know that MSDS data is very specific with no scope of error, hence to expense is spared towards the same.

MSDS Update/Index:
We provide MSDS updating service to our clients. We contact the suppliers over email, web and phone and obtain the latest copy of MSDS’s and upload these into our client's MSDS database.

MSDS Search:
We have expertise in MSDS Search facility for our clients as well. We try to search the very latest MSDS on the web through the manufacturers website or the distributor websites. Once the MSDS is retrieved, if it is not in PDF, we convert it into PDF and upload it onto our client's server.

Data Conversion !
We are with our clients right from the time we understand their requirement, till the time our clients accept satisfactory delivery of back office and offshore services, such as data entry, data conversion services, data processing and bulk scanning. We understand that your data is an asset to your business.

We at Span International have implemented a large number of electronic data conversion projects and document conversion projects for our clients from different verticals, worldwide.

Data Processing :
1. Data Entry
2. Data Conversion
3. Form Processing

1. Data Entry
We have the necessary expertise and knowledge to handle even the most complex data entry projects and employ some of the finest and most professional people for handling any data entry jobs.

Our data entry operators can input any type of data .
• SPAN Data & Software solutions is equipped with facilities like a 4 MBPS Internet link, dedicated infrastructure and machines.
• The results obtained can be in the form of text annotations, images, or a mix of both.
• Paper documents can be converted to electronic media such as multimedia CD-ROMs, databases with tables of content and indices, PDF (Adobe Acrobat Format) files, HTML with full text search functionality or any specific Electronic Document Management System.

Our data entry operators are equipped to handle high volume image and paper-based data entry in any format, database design and management.

2. Data Conversion
With more and more information being processed every day and records being kept at many levels electronic storage of company data in an organized and indexed fashion is becoming and necessity rather than a luxury. Little investments in conversion of brick and mortar data can save several resources for any company which can be utilized for business enhancement rather than back office processes.

We can perform following data conversion services for our clients:
• Data Capture, which involves defining forms to the system, scanning the forms, and executing Forms Processing (FP), which recognizes forms and text on forms.
• Data Validation, which provides for verification and correction of the data recognized by Forms Processing, or for data entry when a form cannot be recognized.
• Data Output, which produces files based on the input from the forms and writes these files in a format suitable for processing by other applications or legacy systems.
• System Services, such as monitoring, sorting/indexing, printing, and security; and other service functions, such as document querying.
• Batch, sort and code records.

Various types of data conversion undertaken by SPAN are :
• Document preparation Handwritten, Machine Print, Reader Response.
• Word Processing.
• Image Keying.
• Image Capturing.
• Document Management / Imaging.
• Document Workflow.
• Mail Processing Services.
• Web Server.

With many years of experience in field of data entry / data capture, we have the capacity and expertise to process any type of data, typed or handwritten, scanned or hard-copy. With the use of latest technology, supported by our in-house programmers and quality control staff, we key in thousands of documents each week across a wide variety of document types on paper or image. We provide a wide range of output formats:- Text (ASCII, MS Word, Txt...) Database Formats (CSV, MS Access, MS Excel...) Electronic Distribution (PDF, Xml, Html...).

3. Forms Processing
We facilitate the preparation, capture, warehousing, retrieval and utilization of information for our clients. Data processing is accomplished by extracting information from a current or custom designed form, fax, catalog, book, or an on-line entry system, while simultaneously offering an internet based data entry and query service. We ensure integrity, accuracy and security.
• Credit Card Processing
• Insurance Claims Processing
• Market Research forms entry
• Warranty Registration
• Survey Forms Processing
• Order Processing

We offer these ancillary services:
• Form Design.
• Forms Scanning.
• Automatic Forms Data Capture.
• Document Preparation.
• Manual Forms Data Capture.
• Document Warehouse.
• Document Retrieval.

We can convert paper documents, scanned images to full text searchable PDF files. The Process is as follows:
• Scanning the document.
• Captures the images.
• Printing & off line proof reading.
• PDF Conversion.

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