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There’s one thing you don’t want to outsource — that’s control and visibility. “Outsourced” or not, it’s still your business...
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There’s one thing you don’t want to outsource — that’s control and visibility. “Outsourced” or not, it’s still your business. When you work with Span International, you have a partner who makes that operation your business. We do it by giving you something that others don’t: deep visibility into a changing picture of your business. Expect more. For us, it begins with a deep commitment to get it right

With Span International, outsourcing doesn’t mean losing sight. Or control. That’s because we have a blueprint that help you better see the process. What to keep. What to give away. That’s because we have a blueprint that gives you deep visibility into your operation, today and tomorrow. Every step of the way as it changes.

No wonder so many CEOs and CIOs also are reluctant to lose control over critical systems and processes. They worry about being unable to see where problems exist — to make critical adjustments in time. About which systems and business processes to outsource. And, about a third party being able to create and sustain tight interconnections between IT and business operations. Hardware, software, processes and people. What if they drop the ball?

Processing a cable television provider’s remittance payments. The management of an insurance company’s information systems, from data center mainframes to the PDAs carried by their adjustors. Or installation support for all the PCs sold by a major manufacturer to nationwide bank with hundreds of retail branches. With the control you need — especially at a distance. Even operations that offer revenue streams.


What’s at Stake in Today’s Business Environment


In their quest to gain and maintain competitive advantage while running leaner and focusing on core business priorities, enterprises increasingly see tremendous potential value in transferring management of important but non-strategic business processes, or all or part of their IT operations management, to an outsourcing provider.


The Span International Outsourcing Program

Span International recognizes that the difference between success and frustration with outsourcing often hinges on establishing a collaborative environment that supports highly visible and secure business operations — where the organization can confidently leave day-to-day IT management in the hands of a trusted partner, yet still retain enough control and decision-making insight to maximize the performance of their outsourced processes.

Span International offers unique outsourcing solutions that measurably improve clients’ competitive advantage through its 3D Visible Enterprise (3D-VE) methodology. We combine domain expertise with technical scenario modeling tools to create a rich, three-dimensional representation of the costs and impacts of IT decisions at all levels of a client’s business organization. 3D-VE creates unprecedented visibility into how change affects the organization’s strategy, processes, applications and IT infrastructure. It also helps define the customer’s specific outsourcing needs and goals, criteria for measuring success, and the parties who will be responsible for which systems and processes at all levels.
Based on this in-depth analysis, we recommend the solution most appropriate to our client’s business challenge from three main types of outsourcing services:
IT Outsourcing (ITO). Encompassing everything from the desktop and mobile computing realm back to the data center servers, the Span International ITO approach enables a client’s outsourced environment to be managed securely, reliably and flexibly.
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Drawing on our special expertise in payment processing, including remittance and check processing, Our BPO capabilities can help an organization significantly lower the cost of those functions while maintaining high performance and customer satisfaction.
Technology Support and Maintenance Services. These offerings — including support services for leading technology providers — span installation, deployment, technical support, maintenance, warranty repairs and other functions that keep a client’s software and hardware running dependably.

Span International works collaboratively with the organization to first understand what challenges it needs to solve, and then assess what needs to be outsourced and what doesn’t. Clients can enter our outsourcing framework and services portfolio at any phase — from planning an IT architecture that includes outsourced components, to building and deploying the infrastructure, to running the systems, to monitoring and reporting on their performance and using that information to make business improvements. We don’t advocate a “rip-and-replace” approach to outsourcing in which organizations are told they must commit to a single vendor’s technology platform. Rather, we take a technology-agnostic approach supported by strong partnerships with a broad array of hardware and software providers. Clients with diverse IT systems and a desire to work with multiple outsourcing providers can count on Span International to create flexible solutions.

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